Everything you need to know about the trail run series and how it started.


The Nissan Trailseeker Series is widely known in the mountain bike community and have been in existence for over 10 years. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary in 2018, the series decided to launch a brand new trail running event for outdoor enthusiasts. The trail run series started out with 600 participants and continued to grow throughout the year. With the success of the 2018 Series, organizers Advendurance, decided to make the addition of the trail run permanent and continue hosting amazing events across the country.

World-class facilities and routes are always the number one priority to enhance the experience for all athletes.The driving force behind the series is to get families active and enjoy the outdoors together. Avid trail runners have also joined the running scene and bring a whole new dynamic to the series, really making this an event for all. 

Considered one of South Africa’s leading outdoor sports event coordinators, it is a reputable and professional platform for outdoor sport thrill seekers that wish to combine a love for sport and the outdoors in one package by offering an exciting programme of adventurous events that are thrilling and life-changing. The aim is to deliver an unforgettable experience and provide sponsors and participants alike with a level of event service that only Advendurance can offer and further help people overcome their challenges and turn them into success stories.