A new decade is upon us. New decade, new fitness goals, new you. Everyone is making serious fitness goals for 2020, so why not join in the craze and set achievable yet challenging goals for this year? We have thought about this for a bit and compiled a list of 5 trail running goals you could attempt.

But first things first: buy the outfit, even if it is just new socks. The outfit makes the workout that much more fun. Then, grab your iPod, phone or music player and spruce up your playlist.  Pick your 10 favourite songs to which you can energetically pound some gravel and, finally, pick your goal:

Go the distance

Upgrade from a 5km to a 10km in 3 months and push the boundaries a bit.  So, how do you go about it? If you are comfortable doing 5km runs, your running week may look like this:  Run 1: 5km, run 2: 4.5km, run 3: 7km.  Use your long run day to steadily increase your distance, while the other two run days would typically be shorter. Increase your distance by 10% every second week to avoid injury.

Try new trail parks

Exciting new terrains and trails are awaiting you at top trail parks all around South Africa. There is nothing more exhilarating than getting out of your comfort zone and exploring a new trail. Just Google your nearest trail park and start running.

Join a club/group

Commit to a new group or club for the year and start training. Not only will you make new likeminded friends, but it will be so much easier to maintain your goals by committing to weekly time trials or pitching up to running dates with friends.

Do all 6 Trailseeker events

Become a member of the prestigious Trail Meraki Club.  The only way to become a member of this fine club is to do all 6 Trailseeker Trail Run Series events in 2020. Each race possesses its own unique charm and is different from the next. You can count on having the best trail running experiences at our events.

A running streak

Make a commitment for a week, month or year to keep up a running streak. A running streak simply means committing to run on consecutive days without fail. Most people on a running streak run about a mile (1.6 km) a day. For interest’s sake, the longest-running streak recorded was by Ron Hill at 52 years and 38 days.

However, whether you wish to do a trail run every weekend, go for a short run every day or set new speeds on a weekly basis, pick your goal, keep running and don’t give up.