Read all about what you can expect at the Nissan Trailseeker Trail Run Series in 2019.

The Nissan Trailseeker Series has made its mark in the world of adventure sports with the addition of the trail run to the series over the last year. This year we’re taking the adventure to a new level with an extreme category. The trail run as per usual provides our nature enthusiast with the unique opportunity to spend a day out with family. We’re set on catering for the family by including an activity for everyone. For this year, with the addition of our extreme category, the Nissan Trailseeker Series is also taking the trail run to two new locations, Hemel en Aarde and Van Gaalens.

Every year we revise the routes by adding new elements to the adventure. We’re really enthusiastic about creating new routes, a passion which stems from our love for the breathtaking landscapes of Southern Africa. Our runners can’t help taking selfies along the scenic paths. We’re always thrilled to take our runners out on a life changing adventure. #AllOutTrails

Our trails consist of a 5km, 10km, 20km run, with the free 3km, pram jam, for contenders of any age group. For our new extreme category, we’re including a 40km route, opening up the way for the serious trail runners. This category also leads itself to the trail runner preparing for events that are at the endurance level of something like The Otter Trail Run.

From the feedback we received from our runners last year, we have revised the prize money for our winners.

Our 2019 events will also feature a dedicated Devil’s Peak Beer garden, with the Bavaria chill zone providing shaded shelter for our spectators and participants.

We’re excited and extremely proud to embark on the second year of the Trail Run as part of the Nissan Trailseeker Series. We’re looking forward to an eventful year with our loyal participants who have grown to become part of the family. We’re honoured to take this journey with you.